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Zofia Nudo

Zofia Nudo
Born on the road between Toledo and Madrid, in 2005. Zofia is the most experienced of our companions-puppets. Madrid bars welcomed her debut under Pharaoh pseudonym. Zofia entered the big stage in the play Op. Aracne, followed by a secondary role in Op. Medea. In 2010 she was invited to play femme fatal role in the stage adaptation of a short story, A Prospect of the Sea, written by Dylan Thomas. Being one of the first members of our cart, Zofia plays the role of the boss in the performance Carretón del Desierto.
Zofia Nudo

Manuel Nudo

Nobody knows his origins. Like many of our orphan marionettes Manuel was miraculously found at jumble sale. This is his story: found in 2001 in Wrocław, Poland, Manuel arrived to Mexico even before our cart was built. Under Ulysses pseudonym he quickly befriended local children near San Louis Potosi. He made his debut as Kreont in Op. Medea. Now Manuel plays the role of Zofia’s husband in Carretón del desierto.
Zofia Nudo

Gonzalo Nudo

He is DJ of our cart. He visited us on a rainy day, introducing himself as Zenobia’s father’s mate. Since then, he has been our sound engineer.
Zofia Nudo

Sam Nudo

Born in 2010 in Victoria y Sierra Hermosa. His debut on stage revealed an incredible talent for taming the untamed: flies.
Zofia Nudo

Juanito Nudo, a clown

His head was found in 2001 in Wrocław, lying next to Manuel. His facial features imply Check origins. As a member of our crew Juanito takes care of the animals. He is our sunshine, a romantic who melts all hearts, even those most frozen.
Zofia Nudo

Maestro Burro Nudo

He comes from Lagunilla, a district in Mexico DF. Being a thinker Burro became the poet of Desert Cart. It was indeed his debut on stage. Earlier, he was one of many masks in the Mexican collection.
Zofia Nudo

Nicoletta Nudo

She is our diva with an incredible voice. Performed in London in Puppet Factory, but most of all she is famous for being the star of Carretón del Desierto where she plays the role of an Italian dancer. The truth is nobody knows her origins…

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