El Carreton
el Carreton

Zofia Nudo


Born in November 2010 and joined our crew soon after, in February 2011. With his dance show Pasqualito quickly charmed the audience, not only the little ones but also the adults.
Zofia Nudo

Pinto Peres

Born in 2007 in Mexico, at the Cruzitas watering-place, near Presa de Santa Gertrudis. Became part of our crew on the eve of the year 2009. Since then Peres has been training with us, learning how to keep the rider in the saddle and how to pull our cart across the desert. He became one of us, traveling actors..
Zofia Nudo

Alasan Lusero

One year older than Pinto Peres. Joined us on the first day of the year 2009. Very mature and talented, he quickly took the top position in our crew.

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